Self-care is not the end goal. We encourage students to care for themselves so that they can care for their community and environment. This is collective-care. Collective-care requires us to recognize that our health and fates are inextricably linked to all living beings.

Our courses present yoga through different lenses. Yoga isn't just physical postures. It's a way of life --- a whole system that includes breathwork, sound vibration, devotion and meditation. We will offer courses that can greatly impact how you engage with yourself and others, how you move, and how you connect to nature.

How to Meditate for Beginners

An introduction course to ease stress and anxiety + kick-start a regular meditation practice in 21 days.

In under ten minutes a day you will learn how to feel more present and relaxed in your body and mind through a variety of meditation techniques such as mindfulness, pranayama (breathing exercises), visualization and more. Each day there will be a new short guided meditation video with additional resources.


Functional Movement for At-Home Workers

A Beginner's Guide to a Movement-Rich Lifestyle During COVID-19.

Using playfulness, science, and a game of hot lava, this course will help you identify and correct sedentary patterns that might have increased during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders, leading you to a life of greater activity, mobility, creativity, and joy long after the pandemic is behind us.


Sliding-Scale Pricing

When enrolling in a course, you'll notice there are a few pricing options. Choose the option that works best for you.

  • The Supporter option pays for you and contributes to others in the community.
  • The Sustainer option pays for you.
  • The Community option is a reduced price made possible by the contributions of the Supporter tier. We understand that bills pile up, cars break down, jobs can come and go, and other unexpected financial burdens and stressors may arise. If you are experiencing anything like this, please choose the Community rate.